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Most Important Factors for Screen Printing Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 64 times

Solder paste volume and solder print alignment are critical to the solder printing process. Depending on the situation, there is no point in having all the paste you need if it is in the wrong place any more than having minimal amount of paste on pad. A small amount of misalignment can be lived with since the solder will pull back to the solderable surface. Excessive misalignment will cause problems.

td9.jpgInsufficient paste will case problems weather on pad or slightly off pad. The key factor to control solder paste volume, stencil aperture opening or machine setup depends on the situtation. If the machine setup is significantly away from the process window (which is unique for each solder paste) then the aperture size will be of little help. The same can be said for stencil apertures if the standard design rules on wall area to open area are breached then there is little machine setup can do to help.