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The influence of stencil position on Solder paste volume Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 149 times

   Solder paste volume is less critical than printalignment. My experience shows that apaste deposit can be 50% of the ideal release and still produce a good solderjoint. Problems occur because pasterelease can quickly deteriorate. Pasterelease doesn't drop off gradually. Oneprint will be 100%, the next print 65%, the next 15%. Print alignment affects paste release from stencilapertures. A small aperture may only bemisaligned 15% and only release 25% of the necessary volume. A large aperture may be misaligned 50% andrelease 100% of the necessary volume. Itall comes down to a tug-o-war between PCB adhesion vs stencil walladhesion. The winner is the differencebetween a good or bad solder joint. Goodalignment is the way to help make sure the PCB wins. Aperture size affects the ability of solder paste to bereleased from the stencil. A smallaperture requires close attention to aperture-to-pad alignment and requiresadequate, consistent aperture fill. Adequate fill is controlled with printer settings. Printer settings should be adjusted toachieve consistent aperture fill. As a side note: The smaller the components on the board,the more PCB design must adhere to good DFM guidelines. Remember the following points:图片5.png

True solder paste volume is governed by aperture sizeand aperture release

Good aperture release is achieved with good alignmentand good aperture fill

Good alignment is achieved with accurate printer setup

Consistent aperture fill is governed by printersettings