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Reasons and solutions for the failure of Mark point detection of placement machine Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 288 times

In the process of mounting,the Mark point is the position identification point of PCB.The selection of the Mark point will directly affect the
processing efficiency of SMT placement.

1. Mark point deformation.

Solution: In the main interface, click the "Manually detect Mark points" button, manually obtain the coordinates of the two Mark points in the
dialog box, confirm, start, and skip the mark detection.


2. The PCB is not in place.

Solution: Check whether the sensor signal in the work area is valid. If it is valid, adjust the sensitivity knob of the sensor to make the signal valid.
At the same time, check whether the work area sensor is too far away from the baffle and the incoming plate is not in place. If so, adjust the
position of the work area sensor, and the adjustment direction is close to the baffle.


3. There is dirt on the MARK position of PCB.

Solution: Clean the Mark position of the led placement machine.


4. The brightness of the image is too high or too low.

Solution: When the image brightness is too high or too low, the image parameters of the Mark camera should be adjusted: brightness and contrast,
so that the imaging brightness of the mark point reaches an appropriate state.