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The solution of no MARK point on PCB in stencil making of SMT solder paste printer Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 81 times

In the SMT solder paste printer process, customers often ask: if there are many points on the PCB, and there is no Mark
reference point. The size of PAD on the PCB is 0.4*0.4 without any reference. How can such products be made in batches
while ensuring the quality.

    The solution is as follows:


 1. If there is an abnormal situation or no mark, directly select the pad point as MARK. If the number of points is large, it may
be necessary to make several MARK points in the area to ensure the placement accuracy of the area. As a reference point, both
automatic printing machines and placement machines can be used.

  2. Directly seal off two pad points as mark points, and tin the rest normally. After pasting, apply solder paste on the two points.


3. Can make a MARK point on the fixture


4. Drill small round holes on the stencil, brush the solder paste on it, and use the solder paste dots as a MARK

5. If have laser equipment, can also directly make two diagonal MARK.