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How to choose a fully automatic solder paste printer Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 100 times
       In the entire production process of PCBA processing, the quality of solder paste printing is an important factor in determining the quality of PCBA soldering. To obtain good printing quality of PCBA solder paste, it is necessary to rely on a printing machine with perfect performance and high precision. There are many types and brands of printers on the market now, and the performance and parameters of each different brand and model are different too. So how should we choose the printing machine in PCBA processing?
1. The accuracy of the automatic printers

    As electronic products are becoming more and more integrated and miniaturized, the component pins in PCBA processing have also evolved more and more densely. Then the printing accuracy becomes particularly important when printing solder paste on PCBA, so the printing accuracy must be taken into consideration when choosing a printing machine. At present, the printing accuracy of the printing machine should be able to reach ±0.025mm, and the repeatability should reach ±0.01mm, in order to effectively control the quality of solder paste printing. In addition, the clamping device and the upper pressing device of the printing machine should be considered to ensure that the PCBA will not be bent and deformed when clamping, and the flatness of the PCBA should be ensured.


2. The efficiency of automatic printers

    The working efficiency of the printing machine is generally determined by the precision of the product. The more precise the product, the slower the printing speed of solder paste. At present, the adjustable range of the blade speed of most printing pressure is 6-300mm/sec. When choosing a printing machine, consider that the printing head is driven by two sets of stepping motors, and the pressure of the front and rear squeegees can be adjusted separately to ensure that the front and rear printing is inconsistent due to the fatigue deformation of the squeegee material, effectively control the stroke, and improve the printing efficiency. Fully automatic solder paste printing machine is suitable for manually adjusting the height of PCB with different thicknesses to ensure the best contact between PCB and stencil, fully automatic control can improve production efficiency, control quality, save costs, automatic PCB correction, adjustable squeegee pressure, Automatic printing.


3. Stability of automatic printers

    Due to the long-term and high-frequency use of the equipment, various supports are needed to ensure the printing quality. Stability is a very important aspect, that is, the repeatability of the solder paste printing we mentioned earlier is ±0.01mm. The new stable solder paste printer can more stably ensure the quality of the entire PCBA processing.


4. Automatic printers image recognition performance

    When choosing a fully automatic solder paste printing machine, the first thing to pay attention to is the printing accuracy and the performance of the printing itself. For example, whether it has defects in image recognition, whether the image recognition method is reasonable, especially the image recognition of the positioning system, because this is the key to measuring the accuracy of solder paste printing by an automatic solder paste printing machine. In addition, it depends on the system's self-positioning and repairing function, and whether it can perform simple fault diagnosis and repair. If the equipment can have a certain self-positioning and repairing function, many problems in the use of the machine can be effectively avoided.