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Precautions for SMT process Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 104 times
1. In order to ensure the safe operation of the SMT placement machine, the SMT placement machine needs professionally trained and experienced staff to operate.

2. Usually the temperature of the SMT factory workshop is between 25±3℃

3. When printing solder paste, the materials to be prepared include tool solder paste, steel plate, scraper, wiper paper, cleaning agent, stirring knife, etc.

4. The commonly used solder paste alloy in SMT factories is Sn/Pb alloy, and the alloy ratio is 63/37.

5. The main components of solder paste are divided into two parts: tin powder and flux. Flux mainly plays the role of removing oxides, destroying the surface tension of molten tin and preventing re-oxidation.

6. The volume ratio of tin powder particles and flux in the solder paste is about 1:1, and the weight ratio is about 9:1. In the SMT chip processing, the solder paste should be tempered and stirred before use, and the tempering cannot be used. Regenerate by heating.

7. After the SMT patch processing is completed, it needs to be stored in the warehouse. During the storage process, pay attention to the packaging and place it in a dry environment to avoid moisture.