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Equipment for SMT process Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 197 times



2.Solder paste printer

The solder paste printer is used to print solder paste onto the corresponding pads of the circuit board in the SMT production process. The circuit board printed by the solder paste printer is convenient for the subsequent placement machine to mount the patch components on the circuit board. The solder paste printer is generally composed of PCB clamping, solder paste, printing, transmission and other mechanisms




4.Pick&place machine

The pick&place machine is configured after the SPI in the production line. It is a device used to achieve high-speed and high-precision placement of components, and is a key and complex device in the entire SMT production line. Now, the pick&place machine has developed from an early low-speed to a limited high-speed optical alignment placement machine, and has developed towards a multi-functional, flexible connection modularization.



6.Reflow oven