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Solution of deformation and warping of PCB on SMT processing Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 459 times

1. Most SMT factories use reflow solder rails to transfer PCB. First of all, we try to use the long side of the PCB as the contact with the track, which can reduce the negative weight of the circuit board itself. So as to avoid the warping of the circuit board.

2. If the above way not improved, the problem of deformation and warpage can also be solved by using the mesh belt of the tray through the reflow furnace;

3. If there is deformation during the SMT processing and reflow soldering of the PCB, it is necessary to measure the cost and production batch to make a jig to assist in the completion.

4. If the PCB is not in the original packaging, it needs to be baked at 120 degrees Celsius for about 4 hours before SMT processing to avoid deformation and warping during reflow soldering caused by the presence of moisture;

5. Since V-Cut will destroy the structural strength of the PCB between impositions, try not to use the V-Cut sub-board, or reduce the depth of the V-Cut. Or give suggestions to relevant departments for improvement, and propose to use stamp holes to connect the imposition.