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How important is PCB design to SMT process? Written by HC AUTOMATOIN / Read 377 times

As long as the bottom surface of the PCB is bent or uneven, the PCB may be bent during the process of installing the screws. If several consecutive screws are distributed in a line or in the same study area, the PCB will be bent and deformed due to repeated stress during the screw installation process management. We call this repeatedly curved region the deformation zone. If the chip capacitor, BGA, module power supply and other stress-sensitive components are placed in the deformation area during the patch process, then a solder joint may not crack or break.

In this case, the breakage of the solder joints of the module power supply belongs to this case.

(1) Avoid placing stress-sensitive components in areas that are prone to bending and deformation during pcb assembly.

(2) Use the bottom bracket tool during the assembly process to flatten the place where a screw is installed on the PCB to avoid bending the PCB during assembly.

(3) Reinforce the solder joints.