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Odd form Pick & Place machine
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Odd  form  Pick & Place machine
Fully Automatic Odd form pick&place machine
Standard table , flexible accomodation ,Wide application

HM-120E is an optical, acoustic, structural parts, FPC and other auxiliary materials  pick & place developed by HC Automation that can be applied to various 3C products. HM-120e can also be applied to the Surface Mount Technology of other sheet materials.

1、Application for PCB : code label、Sticker、Pot slices、Thermal conductive silicone、Shielding cover etc.
2、Application for FPC: Adhesive, PI, conductive adhesive, double-sided adhesive, QR code label, steel sheet (cold paste), foam, Pot slices, etc.
3、Application for Display module :Radiated graphite flake, conductive adhesive, double-sided adhesive, qr code label, etc.
4、Lens, chip, components and other protective film, high temperature adhesive paper, code label, etc.
5、Other industries have precision pasted surface mount products.
High precision and high strength integrated steel frame with higher reliability, guarantee the long-term high-speed and stable products of the equipment.
intelligent Feeder
intelligent Feeder
four electric smart feeders are standard and two different materials can be applied.
High-efficient, high-precision four-mounting head
High-efficient, high-precision four-mounting head
All four of the mounting heads are lifting and rotating independently, effectively improving the speed and accuracy of the mounting , and can handle at least four materials, The Ball spline used original brand of THK brand is customized and imported from Japan,, the stability and operation precision can be guaranteed effectively, and the durability is very high, which can be rotated by lifting and 360-degree.
Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump
The equipment uess silent vacuum pump, low noise and stable negative pressure source, and the gas source consumption of our equipment is low to 1L/Min, which is far less than that of other vacuum generators using the vacuum generator, which consumes more than 100L/Min,For the production of the site to save gas source usage, the gas source consumption is too large, increasing the load of the factory air compressor, which can cause the production line air pressure instability to influence the production.
Electric cabinet
Electric cabinet
Safe and convenient hinge type electric cabinet design, compared with the conventional structure of embedded control system for easier maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, such as work, staff visualization components management of equipment control system, can achieve effective control of the machine stability, promptly eliminate electrical hazards to improve the service life of the machine.
High precision high-speed positioning system
High precision high-speed positioning system
With the unique design of X-Y linkage, the equipment can greatly improve the speed of the stick and improve the efficiency of production,The flexibility of the production site can be greatly improved by the bilateral supply;The relative model T2 use of one more set of x-y control system and silk rod, guide rail, motor and two sets of CCD interposition system.
Marble beam
Marble beam
Using jinan natural marble, through grinding process, guide rail assembly straightness error can be controlled within , ensuring equipment assembly and operation of high precision requirements.;And the marble compressive strength and durability is high, compared with the metal beams such as cast iron can effectively guarantee the steel requirements of the equipment in the long run, not easy to deform.
Practical Speed Max 2500pcs/h1.5sec/pcs
PCB Handling Size 100×100-400×400x10mm
PCB Thickness 0.5-6.5mm
Material Handling 2×2-80×40mm or 2×2-120×40mm  thickness<10mm
Material specifications 1-10pcs/Lin(Coil Material)
Feeder Handling 2pcs(customize)
Transport Direction Left-Right、Right-Left、Left-Left、Right-Right
Transport Speed Max 600mm/sec
Transport Height 900±20mm
Mount point 0-360°
Mounting Accuracy ±0.05mm(Not included material deviation )
Position Accuracy ±0.025mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.005mm
Mount moment Max 3Kg
Machine Parameter
Machine Dimensions L1200*W1400*H1550mm
Weight Appox 1000kg
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Voltage 2.0KW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption >1L/min
Strip material way Fiber optic detection + software control
Absorbing material testing Vacuum detection, falling mark detection
Board Support Methods Magnetic Pins,Support blocks,Elastic side Clamping
Width Adjustment Programmable motorized rear rail
Control Methods industrial PC
Connect machines SMEMA
Operate system Windows
Authority Pass word
The main configuration list of T2
Number Main part Name Brand Quant
1 X-Y Axis X axis ball-screw THK (Japan) 2 PCS
2 Y axis ball-screw THK(Japan) 3 PCS
3 X axis sliding rail THK(Japan) 3 PCS
4 Y axis sliding rail THK(Japan) 3 PCS
5 100W Servo Driver Sehneider (France) 5  PCS
7 50W Servo Motor Sehneider(France) 3  PCS
9 High soft line IGUS (Germany) 1  PCS
12 Guide rail HIWIN(Taiwan) 4 PCS
13 Female rotary ball spline THK(Japan) 4 PCS
14 130W/200W CCD Camera IMAGING(Germany) 2 sets
15 SENSORs OMRON、KEYENCE(Japan) 1 batch
16 Mean part Pneumatic components SMC(Japan) 1 batch
17 Mean part bearing NSK(Japan) 1 batch
18 Device push button switch SIEMENS(Germany) 1 batch
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